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Our Mission

Our brewery in Statesville, North Carolina is founded on a passion for high quality, flavorful crafted beer, and the belief that the best pints are those shared with good company. 

We chose to do this in a non-conventional manner by creating a cool funky vibe where atmosphere and live music is as important as the beer we serve. Whether you like us for the beer, the vibe, or the music is your choice. 

You may come as a stranger, but we hope you leave as a friend.

Our Story

Red Buffalo Brewing Co. was born in our garages with a few batches of homebrew and a love for the craft of brewing. We utilize fresh ingredients and embrace both innovative and old-world styles of beer. 

Similar to a farmer’s table, our beer selections change with the seasons. Additionally,  brewing in small batches allows us to maintain consistency while also allowing us to experiment with variations of beer styles for our customers. 

We designed Red Buffalo Brewing Co. to be a place where new and old friends can share a table and pint! We look forward to sharing time, a pint, and a conversation with you...

Our Philosophy

We love the Statesville lifestyle and wanted to create a brewery that matches our city’s personality. After a long week at the job there's nothing better than a friendly place to sit and relax with friends  and a pint. We welcome both oxford shirts and dirty shorts so come on in, share a pint and make a friend or two.


We care about our planet!  At Red Buffalo Brewing Co. we do our part to minimize waste. Our bar is built from natural wood from local Cedar to Blood Wood from Central America and  Angelim Pedra from Brazil. Many of the brewery’s design elements were salvaged from local old buildings, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Flea Markets and some of our best finds where found on the curb while a few may have been found by the occasional dumpster dive...   

Since we've opened we've also had many visitors bring us their slightly used treasures to hang from the ceiling  and walls. Thanks everyone for being a part of our little slice of funkiness here in little ole Statesville!